Over the years the construction industry has seen the influx of many new materials and substances that aide in better construction, but a few stones have been around for a long time and are yet preferred by homemakers, architects and designers. Granite is one such stone. Kitchen counter tops, bathrooms and window sills are yet made from granite due to its unmatched quality, elegance and durability.

Granite, even though a very hard material, tends to dull and lose its shine over the years. Daily wear and tear along with climatic conditions causes this dullness and loss of shine. Other problems include uneven surface, etching and chipping. Such factors reduce the beauty of the surface and thus it becomes necessary to polish granite surface regularly. This highly durable material is prone to damage if proper care is not taken. Who would have thought that something as simple as water can also be damaging to granite! Thus this clearly depicts that it is extremely important to maintain granite surfaces and indulge in its polishing regularly to maintain its shine and sheer. In order to polish granite, you will require a granite polishing machine that makes polishing much easy.

Reasons for Granite Polishing

  • Gives a shine and glossy effect
  • Makes the surface smooth
  • Protects the surface from chipping and scratches
  • Permanent stains can be avoided
  • Smudges and fingerprints are removed
  • Polished surfaces are easier to clean
  • Polished granites add a touch of elegance to your home

The Process

Granite renovation process involves chemical as well as physical steps. The main machine required for the process involves saw, routers and granite polishing machine. The transforms crude, dull granite slab into a shining slab. A granite polishing machine consists of revolving pads which rotate at a high speed when used. These rotating pads are fixed with abrasives which provide shine to the granite surface upon rotation. New machines enable to achieve varied finishes such as mirror finish, soft finish, shiny and glossy finish. Some specialized, custom made finishes such as flamed and hammered are also available.

Even though granite polishing machines have been used from a long time, thanks to computer technology, they have greatly evolved over the years. Computer Numeric Control (CNC) is a latest technique that uses digital technology to control machines concurrently. This technology helps in streamlining work, thus saving time. Today most polishing workshops have invested in CNC machines as they are efficient, time savers and accurate in their operation that increases the workflow. In the coming years, thanks to technology, polishers and other granite and stone machinery will witness a revolution as better and more efficient tools are developed.


Some stones remain favourite till date, granite being one of them as it is yet being used for kitchen counter tops and bathrooms. With the advent of new and better technology in polishing machines, the demand for this stone will rise much more. Thus granite will rise in popularity and will be used extensively by the home construction industry.

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