Buy Abrasives Online: Launching Our Online Shop

We are excited to launch our online shop for abrasives in India. Our products have long been known for their quality and performance capabilities. With our online shop, we hope to dazzle you with our high levels of service also. You can now buy abrasives online at the luxury of your desktop and get them delivered at your doorstep. Since the time we started working on our website, and decided to offer high quality content on our site, we also started thinking. Why not offer our products on sale online. This led to some serious brainstorming sessions, and the birth of our Online Shop. This is the beginning and we are proud to say that we are the first in industry to come up with a self hosted online shopping cart. Are you a contractor looking for abrasives? Do you want to buy abrasives online? Are you looking to buy high quality abrasives direct from the manufacturer?   Mark Corporation’s online shop is the answer to all those questions. All transactions are secure over SSL encryption. Over the next few weeks, and months, we will keep adding more products for purchase online. The online shop lists all our product offerings mainly polishing pads for granite polishing, marble polishing, and the like. In addition to this we are also offering our resin bond segments and metal bond segments for granite slab polishing on automatic polishing machines as well. You will also be able to rate and review our products. We will be serving orders from India through the online route, and we are offering free shipping on all our products....
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