Polishing Granite Countertops with Flexible Diamond Pads

A granite kitchen counter top is durable and will stand the test of time. Granite countertops also add to the elegance of the kitchen. The heat resistance and stain resistance properties of granite, make it an excellent choice for a kitchen.  Here we have share a few tips and videos which show you the process of polishing granite countertops with flexible diamond polishing pads. For polishing of any stone, the process is more or less the same, here are the steps: The Process The best polish is achieved by using a wet polishing mechanism. Water is used as a lubricant which keeps the surface of the stone cool, and also aids in the disposal of used diamond particles. Our detailed account of how abrasives work will throw much light on the same. Rougher grits are used for the grinding of the uneven stone surface. This removes any surface undulations and gives a uniform level surface The ultimate quality of polish depends entirely on the initial steps. A well ground and level surface is critical to achieve good gloss The stone is then polished using a series of grits, sequentially Each grit removes the marks made on the surface by the previous grit As the sequence nears the finest grit, the stone surface is ready for mirror polishing Final buffing brings out the gloss in the stone For bull-nose, or round edges, work the abrasive away from the primary working surface It is important that you maintain the patterns of movement throughout the process of polishing Dos and Don’ts Do use a good quality polishing machine Do have a constant...
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