Polishing Granite Using Air Polishers

Though the title says polishing granite using air polishers, the method is applicable to all stones. Air polishers are those machines which run on a stream of air, which is used to rotate the polishing head. In a conventional electrical polishing machine, the motor spins the head at a specified/variable RPM. Air polishers offer many advantages over conventional machines.. They are lightweight as they do not have a motor and related circuitory, and boards inside the body. This is a very notable advantage, as during the polishing of any stone, the operator might have to use the machine over a long period of time. An air polisher reduces operator fatigue due to its weight advantage. Some operators also prefer the fact that an air polisher produces lesser vibrations than a conventional polishing machine. These vibrations are crucial as they might affect the quality of polish. No matter how steady one operates the machine, the vibrations produced by a conventional polishing machine might create fine surface undulations. This can be avoided by air polishers. On the flipside, to operate an air polisher, one needs an air compressor. If you are in a factory and have space for a compressor, this wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, if you are a contractor who has to use the polishing machine on site, then you will have to carry the air compressor with you. Portable compressors sometimes do not provide a constant pressure which is required by the machine. For Optimum performance it is recommended to use the machine at a minimum of 95PSI. Here is a video of an air polisher...
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