How to Polish Marble: Compilation

Marble is a soft natural stone. It is a form of limestone that has been transformed by pressure, heat and time. It is a very porous stone, and is notorious for its ability to become stained easily. However it has become a very important part of modern architecture. There have been many different guides on how to polish marble on the internet. We compile a list of them from around the wide wide web, highlighting the positives of each method. In this wikihow article on how to polish marble, the method detailed to get rid of stains using poultice, though time consuming, is very effective. The article also gives you a hack by using baking soda and water to polish the surface of the marble. The article also shares some very useful tips and precautions to avoid staining on marble surfaces. It is also possible to polish large expanses of marble flooring, or dull flooring can be restored using floor polishing pads. This article from offers detailed insights into what is marble, what the different types of finished surfaces, and  how to restore marble, especially etch marks created by glasses containing liquids. They also have an e-book on offer which explains in detail DIY procedure of polishing marble. Also worth noting in their article is the fact that honed marble can not be restored. We would like to add that the only way to remove staining from honed granite is to grind the surface to the extent of stain penetration, and use a series of abrasive grits to achieve the honed finish again. However, depending on the depth...
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