Resin Bond Segments

Are you looking for Abrasives optimized to work on your granite slabs? Be it a manual polishing machine or a multi-head automatic polishing machine, no matter which type of machine you use, We have the right product for you.

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Resin Bond Diamond Fickert Abrasives

Our fickert shaped abrasives are widely used in line polishing machines as well as manual hand polishing machines to add spectacular gloss to granite slabs.

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Resin Cup Wheels

Resin cup wheels offer unmatched performance for flat surface polishing.

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Flexible Polishing Pads

Our range of flexible polishing pads are your go-to tools for polishing your monuments and countertops.

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Floor Polishing Pads

Looking to restore that dull floor at home or office back to its previous glory? Look no further than our range of floor polishing and restoration pads.

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Metal Bond Segments

Metal bond segments for grinding, levelling and honing of granite slabs.

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Superabrasive Diamond Tools for Stone Processing.

We manufacture superabrasive diamond tools for a wide range of applications. Our products fall into these broad categories as below. Browse our products by category for detailed description and technical specifications.

If you do not find the product you are looking for listed on our website, feel free to write to us or call us with your detailed requirement.

Polishing Pads

Browse our range of polishing pads for your varied polishing needs, including counter top polishing, monuments, and floor polishing pads.

Metal Bond Abrasives

Our metal bond abrasives are the right products for your grinding, and levelling needs.

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Resin Bond Abrasives

Manufacturing resin bond diamond tools for your polishing needs is our forte. Browse through our extensive range of products available in a wide series of grits for your polishing requirements.

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