Cat Eye: Know Your Granite Series

Cat eye granite is one of the most preferred choices for kitchen, flooring. This red brown granite is with a brown base and has large red grains or granulations, which seem to resemble a cat’s eye. Hence the name cat eye.  This granite is resistant to heat and weathering and can retain a polished surface for a very long period of time. Cat eye granite is also preferred in the making of granite tables and table tops. This is predominantly found in quarries in India. Maintenance and Upkeep of Cat Eye Granite Granite, by its very nature has very poor primary permeability. This means that dark stains, if not attended immediately, will damage your stone. Cat eye granite is no exception to that fact. However being a dark coloured stone, the stains are not very easily visible. However a few precautionary measures can reduce the possibility of stains damaging your cat eye granite. A good surface sealer will conceal all open pores on the surface. This will prevent the stains from getting below the surface of the stone A wax shiner, and re-sealing once in a couple of years, though not required, will enhance the longevity of the stone Any spills, or stains should be removed at the earliest If the cat eye granite is installed as flooring in high-traffic areas, a restoration and re-polishing job will be required based on the extent of use Disclaimer: Mark Corporation does NOT deal with granite stones or tiles. Mark Corporation is a manufacturer of abrasives for grinding and polishing of a wide variety of granite, and other natural stone. The know...
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