Turning Ten

The year 2006 was a year of humble beginnings, Mark Corporation as a business entity, came into existence around the same time ten years ago . Our beginning was characterised by a very simple setup and a far flung vision. Ten years hence, today, Mark Corporation stands as a manufacturing powerhouse, creating positive impact in the abrasives and stone processing space. We have grown in our production capacities, and have jumped from strength to strength. Under the guidance and vision of our chairman, we started production and supply of abrasives to the stone processing industry. We experienced steady growth in our initial years. These were the years where we forged strong relationships with our suppliers and customers, which lay the foundation of our business. Right from the day we commenced production, our only focus has been on making products of highest quality standards. The expertise of Mr. S. Ravikumar in the manufacture of abrasives was the driving force behind our technical prowess. In late 2010, our director joined the management. He brought with him innovation and a very high sense of technology which still continues to be the force behind Mark Corporation’s offerings like online shop, and CRM initiatives. His energy and acumen in the marketing function has aided in the growth of Mark Corporation in the latter half of the decade long journey. We also vow to stick to our commitment of manufacturing high quality abrasive products and keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. Our focus for the years to come will be on continuous improvement of processes and use of best materials and extensive research and development...
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